Alisa Kovalenko

29 years old, is an Ukrainian documentary director. She studied film-making at the Karpenko-Kary theatre and cinema university of Kiev and at the Andrzej-Wajda school of cinema of Warsaw. Alisa released her debut full-length « Sister Zo » in 2014, with Liubov Durakova. The events which shaked Ukraine 3 years ago brought her from the barricades of Maidan to the toughest frontline of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The second full-length documentary resulting from this work, « Alisa in Warland », was in the first appearance competition at the IDFA in Amsterdam in 2015. So far, « Alisa in Warland » has been selected in around 50 festivals worldwide and received 2 awards : at the Fidadoc Film Festival in Agadir (Morocco) and at DocsMX Films in Me Born 15.01.1986 in Kharkov (Ukraine).

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