Acasa – My Home

Duration: 86 min
Country of production: Romania, Germany
Year of production: 2020
Film original languagea: romanian
Director: Radu Ciorniciuc
Editing: Andrei Gorgan
Producer: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan

An immense green space in the middle of a metropolis, the Bucharest Delta is an abandoned water reservoir in which wildlife has grown to become a rare urban ecosystem. For the last two decades, the Enache family lived here, sleeping in a hut on a lakeshore, following the rhytm of the seasons and catching fish barehanded. When the bulldozers come to destroy their home, they have to move and adapt to a completely new city life. Fishing rods are replaced by smartphones, idle afternoons are now spent in classroms, and family ties are hard to maintain. With their roots in the wilderness, the nine children and their parents need to find a way to keep their family united in the concrete jungle.