Film Categories

Going above and beyond

Bold, independent, tireless. Heroes of these stories reach much further than what the world wants to give them. They put democracy to the test. They expect respect and justice or just life in peace. They say to the world: “I am testing you”.

Art. The last bastion of hope

Multidimensional art becomes an escape, a shelter from destructive reality, but also an expression of our desires and unconstrained beliefs. The voice of those, we don’t want to listen to on a daily basis. Does it help?

Children know more

A perspective that many of us have already forgotten or “grown out of”. But what if we stopped for a moment, took a look around with more affection and pensiveness. With genuine enthusiasm? Let’s try, shall we?

Home, as you don’t know it

Where multidimensionality is mixed with the obvious. A place equally important for everyone, but divided into dozens of small, personal definitions. What connects us? What do we expect when we talk about our homes? See for yourself, what is the best place on earth and for whom.

No worries – we’re all gonna die

The world is headed for destruction and we don’t want to hear about it. And yet, there are extraordinary personalities among us. Local superheroes. Will they have enough strength to wake us all up?