• Befoere Fathers Gets Back Mari Gulbiani

    Mari Gulbiani is a Georgian film director and screenplay writer. She has worked in the culture department of the main Georgian public TV station and the program department of TV9. She founded the producing company Midifilm in 2007. From 2013, she worked for the Noosfera Foundation in the context of the ‘Documentary Monday’ project and […]

  • Double Aliens Uģis Olte

    Uģis Olte is a re-arranger of images and sounds who enjoys staying playful when dealing with serious subjects. I love fairy-tales, mythological characters and the logic of dreams. I practice my cinema language skills on a regular basis by making music videos, ads and auteur TV programmes, but there are also three short feature films […]

  • The Green Lie Werner Boote

    Werner Boote started out as a cable boy, working his way up and gathering all the necessary ingredients to make films along the way. He studied Drama and Theater Arts, Journalism, and Sociology at the University of Vienna and at the Film Academy. After years of being an Assistant Director (to Robert Dornhelm, Ulrich Seidl, […]

  • Humanity On Trial Jonas Bruun

    Jonas Bruun began working with documentary films as an intern at Danish Documentary Production. He subsequently worked in a variety of capacities at some of the most prominent Danish productions companies in the field of documentary filmmaking such as Hansen & Pedersen Film, Danish Documentary Production and Moving Documentary. He made his debut as a […]

  • Kifaru David Hambridge

    David Hambridge is an Emmy® Nominated cinematographer and commercial + documentary filmmaker currently based in the US. In 2018, his work on ‘Angelique’ a documentary short for CondeNast was nominated at the 39th Annual Emmy® Awards in News & Documentary for Outstanding Feature Story in a non-fiction newsmagazine. His interest lies in personal, truthful, and […]

  • Northen Wind Can Be WarmAleksei Golovkov

    Producer and creative Director of the Studio “EON FILM”. Participant and organizer of scientific expeditions. Popular scientific publications in “National Geographic Russia”. Multiple winner of media grants of the Russian Geographical Society.

  • On The Presidents Order | Mosul James Jones

    James Jones is an award-winning British director who makes documentary films for international television and theatrical release. His documentaries tackle important issues through powerful personal stories told in a filmic style and narrative. He has made films about police shootings in America, suicide in the military, wars in Ukraine and Gaza, and undercover investigations in […]

  • Vote For Kibera Martin Páv

    Martin Páv (26) is a film director from the Czech Republic. In 2015 he graduated from the directing department of FAMU and in 2018 he finished his studies in the department of Asian studies and international relations at MUP in Prague with a dissertation on post-colonial identity in slums in Mumbai and Nairobi. Since 2014 […]

  • Another Paradise Olivier Magis

    Olivier Magis is a Belgian filmmaker living in Brussels. Recently he co-directed the award winning short film “May Day”, which was shortlisted for the 2019 Oscars®. He also teaches stage direction and documentary at film schools in Brussels. “Another Paradise” is his first feature length documentary.

  • War Of Art Tommy Gulliksen

    Tommy Gulliksen’s background as a political and current affairs-journalist has resulted in over 20 documentaries during his working years at broadcaster TV2, and production companies Dokumentaravdelingen and Norsk Fjernsyn AS. He has been awarded six and nominated for several Norwegian Emmys (Gullruten) and won the Nymphe D´Or in Monte Carlo for the documentary “Terror Island” […]

  • We Could Be HerosHind Bensari

    Her first documentary 475: BREAK THE SILENCE (2014) was entirely crowd-funded and became an internet sensation. More importantly, her debut film was the component of a civil society movement that pressured the government to repeal the law that allowed rapists to marry their victims and avoid prosecution. A TEDx speaker, Bensari graduated in Economics and […]

  • HurdleMichael Rowley

    Michael Rowley – Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, U.S. Michael Rowley is an emerging documentary filmmaker from Dallas, Texas who aims to document underrepresented stories in an effort to bring awareness, equity and justice to an interconnected and global society. Rowley’s documentary feature directorial debut, Hurdle (2019), was the recipient of Austin Film Society’s North Texas […]

  • Lisbon Beat Vasco Viana

    Vasco studied cinematography, sound and image at E.T.I.C. (Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação, Lisboa) and at E.S.A.D. (Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha). He graduated in Cinema – Image and Screenplay at E.S.T.C. (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) in 2005. He worked as assistant cinematographer in dozens of short and […]

  • Lisbon Beat Rita Maia

    Best known as an international club DJ and broadcaster at Gilles Peterson Worldwide FM, Rita Maia is also a curator, record collector and creative director. Originally from Lisbon with a family background from Goa – India and based in London most of her adult life, 2018 saw her radio show Migrant Sounds travel to stages […]

  • On Presidents Orders | MosulOlivier Sarbil

    Olivier Sarbil is an award-winning French documentary Director and Emmy-winning Cinematographer based in London. Over the past decade, Olivier has covered conflicts and critical social issues across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. With strong visual storytelling, Olivier’s films are intimate and human, conveying emotions through beautiful and cinematic imagery. Olivier is […]

  • Shadows Of The EmpireKarol Starnawski

    Karol Starnawski – director and screenwriter. A graduate of Film Directing at Film School in Lodz. The author of a dozen of short feature and documentary films. A director of many commercials and music videos. An assistant director in the film by Jan P. Matuszyński, „Ostatnia rodzina”. Currently he is working on a full-length documentary […]

  • In Touch Paweł Ziemilski

    Paweł Ziemilski born in 1981, a graduate of the National Film School in Lodz and the Wajda School in Warsaw. Nominated for IDFA awards for the documentary film ROGALIK (2012 r.), also awarded, among others at: Zagreb Dox Festival, Alcine Festival (Main Award), festivals in Oberhausen, Beijing, Bucharest, Cracow and others. In addition to directing, […]

  • O Zwierzętach i Ludziach Łukasz Czajka

    Łukasz Czajka – Born in Warsaw. A graduate of the Wajda School. He graduated from Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw and the Center for Latin American Studies. He gained experience as a TV reporter, as well as the originator and creator of video games that have been translated into several languages. From the […]

  • ZłotaTomasz Knittel

    Tomasz Knittel – director of documentaries, feature films and short film forms. Creator of the famous “Elektro_sonda” futuristic musical film with the participation of leading Polish electronics bands (including Kamp, Rysy, Bokka). His documentaries included, among others: FROM PODSEREDNIEJE WITH LOVE (2015 r.) – a multi-narrative story about the inhabitants of the Russian village of […]

  • Diagnosis Ewa Podgórska

    Ewa Podgórska – A graduate of the National Film School in Lodz, Cultural Studies at the University of Lodz and the DOK PRO Documentary Program at the Wajda School. Participant of Docu Talents from the East in Karlovy Vary, scholarship holder of the Polish Film Institute. Her medium-length documentary JAJKO I KURA about the difficult […]

  • The Curse Of AbundanceEwa Ewart

    Ewa Ewart is a journalist and an award-winning filmmaker who specialises in ground breaking and influential documentaries. She was born and raised in Poland, but she has spent most of her career based at the BBC TV in London, England. She has travelled and worked in many countries of the world, producing and directing programmes […]

  • Memory Is Our Homeland Jonathan Durand

    Before spending several years working as an educator and community development worker in Canada, South Africa, and Mozambique, Jonathan Durand studied Political Science and Philosophy at McGill. Since 2009, he has been living and working as a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer in Montreal, while researching and producing “Memory Is Our Homeland”, his first feature-length […]

  • Vote for Kibera

    Duration: 90 min. Country of production: Czech Republic Year of production: 2018 Film original language: English Website: Director: Martin Páv Pictures: Petr Racek Editing: Matěj Beran Sound: Adam Bláha Music: Ondrej Mataj Producer: Zuzana Kucerova Photographer Don, a resident of Kibera, a giant slum in Nairobi, says that in his photographs he tries to […]

  • Before Father Gets Back

    Duration: 75 min. Country of production: Georgia/France/ Germany. Year of production: 2018 Film original language: Georgian Director: Mari Gulbiani Editing: Nina Graafland Producer: Tekla Machavariani, Aleksandre Shervashidze (Georgia), Laurence Uebersfeld (France) Many films have described the Jihadists and their violence, but none have given a voice to the families lei behind. Two girls are growing […]

  • The Curse of Abundance

    Duration: 69 min. Country of production: Polska Year of production: 2018 Film original language: English, Spanish Website: Director: Ewa Ewart Pictures: Mateusz Kruszelnicki, Maciej Grubiak Editing: Robert Ciodyk Music: Szymon Nidzworski Producer: Piotr i Sylwia Krupa Inwestors: Polish Film Institute In 2007, Ecuador, a South American oil rich country, launched a daring initiative to […]

  • Double Aliens

    Duration: 56 min. Country Of Production: Latvia Year Of Production: 2015 Film Original Language: Georgian, Armenian, Russian, English, Latvian Director: Ugis Olte Pictures: Valdis Celmins, Uldis Cekulis Editing: Ugis Olte Sound: Artis Dukalskis Producer: Uldis Cekulis Inwestors: National Film Center Of Latvia, Georgian National Film Center A breathtaking road movie about Samtskhe-Javakheti, an isolated region […]

  • Hurdle

    Duration: 87 min. Country od production: United States Year of production: 2019 Film original language: Arabic, English, Hebrew Website: Director: Michael Rowley Pictures: Michael Rowley Editing: Michael Rowley Sound: Eric Thompson – In the shadow of a wall stands a New generation of Palestinian. With defiantcreativity, they prove that no matter theheight of […]

  • We Could be Heros

    Duration: 79 min. Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2018 Film original language: Arabic Website: Director: Hind Bensari Pictures: Lovisa Dröfn Editing: Sofie Steenberger Sound: Roar Skau Olsen Music: Tin Soheili Producer: Vibeke Vogel, Habib Attia Inwestors: Cinetéléfilms When Azzedine Nouiri comes back home to Morocco from the London Paralympic Games with a […]

  • Humanity on Trial

    Duration: 72 min. Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2019 Film original language: Danish, English, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Spanish Website: Director: Jonas Bruun Pictures: Jonas Bruun Editing: Thor Ochsner Sound: Olli Huhtanen Music: Jonas Colstrup Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen Inwestors: DR, The Danish Film Institute, Yle, Avek, SRF, SVT, MEDIA – Creative Europe […]

  • On the President’s Orders

    Duration: 72 min. Country of production: UK Year of production: 2019 Film original language: english, tagalog Website: Director: James Jones, Olivier Sarbil Pictures: Olivier Sarbil Editing: Michael Harte Sound: James Jones Music: Uno Helmersson Producers: James Jones, Dan Edge, Raney Aronson-Rath Inwestors: PBS Frontline, BBC Storyville, Arte France, Bertha Doc Society The searing story […]

  • Memory Is Our Homeland

    Duration: 90 min. Country of production: Canada, Belarus Year of production: 2018 Film original language: English, Polish Website: Director: Jonathan Durand Pictures: Jonathan Durand Editing: Catherine Villeminot Music: Mikael Tobias Producer: Jonathan Durand, Frederic Bohbot From 1942 to 1952, more than 18,000 Polish women and children lived across Africa as World War II refugees. […]

  • Kifaru

    Duration: 80 min. Country of production: Kenya, Hong Kong, USA Year of production: 2015-2018 Film original language: English, Swahili Website: Director: David Hambridge Pictures: David Hambridge Editing: Andrew H. Brown, David Hambridge, Jesse Paddock Sound: Mike Westbrook & Willie Elias Music: Kevin Matley Producer: Andrew H. Brown, David Hambridge Inwestors: Southern Documentary Fund (501c3) […]

  • Lisbon Beat

    Duration: 65 min. Country of production: Portugal Year of production: 2019 Film original language: portuguese Website: Director: Vasco Viana, Rita Maia Pictures: Vasco Viana Editing: Claudia Oliveira Sound: Rita Maia Producer: Terratreme A journey around Lisbon’s suburbs through the lives of a handful of musicians establishing their place to exist in a city of […]

  • War of Art

    Duration: 102 min. Country of production: Norway Year of production: 2019 Film original language: English Website: Director: Tommy Gulliksen Pictures: Sven-Erling Brusletto Editing: Uwe Klimmeck Sound: Øyvind Planting Music: Kjetil Røst Nilsen, Takumi Motokawa, Frank Zerban, Nik Nowak Producer: Linn Aronsen, Eirin O. Høgetveit, Benedikte Danielsen, Andreas Gutzeit Inwestors: Norwegian Film Institute What happens […]

  • In Touch

    Duration: 62 min. Country of production: Poland, Iceland Year of production: 2019 Film original language: Polish Website: Director: Paweł Ziemilski Pictures: Filip Drożdż Editing: Dorota Wardęszkiewicz Sound: Piotr Kubiak Music: Arni Valur Kristinsson, Martina Bertoni Producers: NUR, Łukasz Długołęcki, Haukur M Inwestors: Polish Film Institute, Icelandic Film Centre, Marshal of Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship – Gustaw […]