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    The HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival has been developed on the basis of the HumanDOC Foundation activities. Our mission is to broaden public awareness of the global issues and to support economic, information and democratic development of society. We are guided by the idea of increasing knowledge about the world around us, because only by knowing more we are able to act effectively.

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    Our festival is an unique opportunity to get to know moving stories from all over the world, share the experiences of extraordinary people, feel the emotions of communities that are distant and yet close to us at the same time. It is also an opportunity to look inside ourselves and confront our imaginations with reality.

    #HumanDOC festival worth your attention
    The HumanDoc Festival is a very poignant and profound experience. Enlightening because of the power of the characters of our films. Difficult due to the inevitable awareness of the reality of the presented events, which are the basis of documentary productions. Unique thanks to invited filmmakers and other guests. Priceless thanks to the sensitivity of our viewers.